Coaching, Counselling, Therapy Treatment Plans & Fees

I offer 3 Counselling and Therapy Treatment plans which consist of 12, 6 and 4 sessions to begin with and last for a duration of 50 Minutes each. Coaching plan consist of 6, 4 and 2 sessions. Trauma treatment is offered on needs basis therefore fee is payable before each session. Sessions can be structured to suit your needs and usually your budget and form your Bespoke Treatment Plan (BTP). As you will notice below, my fees are quite competitive and I have endeavoured to make therapy and coaching affordable for most people. I believe with therapy and coaching it is not quantity that matters, but quality - I pride myself on the service I provide, which is second to none!                                                                                                            

Most of my clients opt for face to face therapy treatment and coaching, but I also offer therapy and coaching via telephone, Skype and Zoom to clients who prefer these options or are unable to travel to my practice. Face to face clients will be given additional telephone and email support as part of their BTP/BSP upon request. All your details are kept strictly confidential, under GDPR and the Data Protection Act. I will not share any of your personal details with anyone or anybody, without your prior consent – that is a promise!

Concessional fees

Every month I offer a small quota of therapy/coaching treatment plans on concessional fee basis to qualifying persons, who are on low income, in receipt of benefits or income support. This will be 50% of the displayed fees. To qualify you will need to provide proof of your circumstances.

Consultation - Free

I offer a free 15 Minutes initial telephone consultation to all new clients. This consultation time will be used to assess and discuss initially the problem you are presenting and the best therapy you might need to treat the problem/s. The consultation time will also give you the opportunity to ask any question you may have and to decide if we will be able to work together. There is absolutely no obligation on your part to proceed and commit to a treatment package at this point - The final decision to commit will be entirely up to you during the consultation period! After the initial consultation, you should feel a bit more relaxed and hopeful about positive change. You should feel that the therapist has a basic understanding of who you are and that you have been listened to. You should feel accepted.  

Insurance and Third Party Payments

I accept payment from all major medical insurance companies (BUPA, BUPA International, AXA PPP, Norwich Union (Aviva), WPA, Standard Life, Pruhealth Cigna, Saga Medisure etc.) However clients are advised to contact their insurancce company prior to booking appointments to confirm their cover and to obtain a preauthorisation number which will ease the re-imbursemnent process. You must bring along details of your Insurance Cover when you attend your appointment (Membership no., Group or Company no. as relevant). With preauthorisation I am usually able to communicate directly with Insurance Company on your behalf. Without preauthorisation, bringing proof of Insurance cover may help in direct billing of your insurance company. In some circumstatnces payment on the day is preferred. I accept cash and all major Credit and Debit Card as outlined below. (Credit Card payments are subject to a small handling charge of 3%). A receipt invoice is available to claim reimbursement from 3rd parties or Insurance Companies where applicable. 

Your Treatment Pathway at a Glance


  * Note: you don't need a PayPal account to pay via PayPal for your therapy treatment or coaching - If you don't have a PayPal account, you can pay via any of the other options below or with your debit or credit card. If you have a PayPal account, you can simply sign in to make payment.                                                                               

Coaching Plan

6 x 50 Mins Face to Face Sessions
4 x 50 Mins Face to Face Sessions
2 x 50 Mins Face to Face Sessions

*A flat fee of £50 per Coaching session applies to all children and adolescents. Additional telephone/email support is available.

Counselling Plan

6 x 50 Mins Face to Face Sessions
4 x 50 Mins Face to Face Sessions
2 x 50 Mins Face to Face Sessions 

*A flat fee of £50 per Counselling session applies to all children and adolescents. Additional telephone/email support is available.   

CBT (REBT) Treatment Plan

12 x 50 Mins Face to Face CBT Sessions
6 x 50 Mins Face to Face CBT Sessions
4 x 50 Mins Face to Face CBT Sessions 

*A flat fee of £50 per CBT session applies to all children and adolescents. Additional telephone/email support is available.  

DBT Treatment Plan

12 x 50 Mins Face to Face DBT Sessions
6 x 50 Mins Face to Face DBT Sessions
4 x 50 Mins Face to Face DBT Sessions

Additional telephone/email/coaching support is available at no extra cost to face to face clients.

Trauma / PTSD Treatment Plan

90 Mins Initial Face to Face Sessions 
50 Mins weekly Face to Face Sessions

Additional telephone/email support is available at no extra cost to face to face clients.

Skype or Telephone

Counselling: 50 Mins x (12,6,4 sessions)
Coaching: 30 Mins x (6,4,2 sessions)
CBT: 50 Mins x (12,6,4 sessions)
DBT: 50 Mins x (12,6,4 sessions)

PBS Consultancy

An initial Positive Behavioural Support (PBS) consultation session cost £100 and last for one hour. This service is delivered via face to face only and can take place either at my private practice, at the client's home, school or at their workplace. This will form part of your Behaviour Support Plan (BSP).

Below are the fees for the three Behaviour Support Plans offered:

BSP Bronze = £500

BSP Silver = £900

BSP Gold = £1200  

*Please see PBS consultancy (Homepage) for individual plan details.

Combined Coaching and Therapy Treatment

For clients who would like a combined plan of coaching and therapy treatment (excludes PBS), please ask. A combined bespoke plan can be discussed and arranged to suit you. This normally starts at £100 per session which last for 90 Minutes.

Telephone and Skype Therapy

If you choose to have telephone or skype therapy, we can agree on a fixed time that is mutually convenient.                       

Cancellation Policy

For psychotherapy to be effective it is important to maintain regular appointments. Initially this is weekly, but in time we might agree to meet fortnightly. I understand that sometimes there will be circumstance that can interrupt regular attendance. In this case, I require 48-hour notice of cancellation; If you fail to cancel within that time, this will result in the full fee for the missed session being due. Sometimes a missed session can be re-scheduled in the same week if I am available at an alternative time when you can come.  Please visit the  Privacy Policy page for more information on cancellation policy.


I Am Here To Listen And Help You Find Your Way.

I offer face to face, skype, zoom & telephone therapy and coaching.

Please do not hesitate to contact me for an informal chat and then You can decide which of the services I provide will help you to make some positive changes in your life:-
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