Fear of Public Speaking-Glossophobia

Fear of public speaking is classified In the current mental health diagnostic system as a social phobia. Nevertheless, it is important to emphasise that only 29% of cases can be diagnosed like this. Recent data indicates that 34% of the population may have anxiety problems when facing the public, which generally has negative repercussions in the academic or professional future of the person who is suffering.


The treatment of choice for this type of phobia is usually based on exhibition techniques combined with relaxation techniques, cognitive restructuring and, in certain cases, training in public speaking skills. However, as it can be difficult to provide a suitable space and a specific audience, it is complicated to carry out live exhibition sessions. Also, parameters such as control over the audience’s reactions, and others that generally depend on factors outside of the therapist’s control increase the complexity of making a live exhibition in the case of social phobia.


For a long time, the investigation that has been done into virtual reality as a tool to treat the fear of public speaking has been very extensive, and largely coincides with not only its therapeutic efficacy, but also its potential to integrate different techniques and permit greater context control (Safir et al, 2012). It is for this reason that the Psious virtual platform has established itself as an especially suitable tool for conducting exhibition sessions and/or training within a secure and prescribed context.

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