Marie Daniel

CBT / IAPT / NLP Therapist



Marie went to a catholic convent girls school, and when she left school she initially did not know where her future lie. She looked into more studies and enrolled in text production course, and also continued to seek employment in order to gain experience and knowledge. Marie gained experience towards working as part of a team, working on using her own initiative, dealing all different types of customers. Marie gained an NEBS and NEBS Diploma in management and learned important skills around team building, conflict, budgets, processes, time management, benchmarking, planning, strategic processes, reviewing quality systems and controlling cost.


However, She still wanted to continue learning and decided she wanted to understand the concepts and theory of psychology. Marie studied for her psychology degree part time for four and half years whilst working full time in Tower Hamlets Family Intervention Services where she gained experience with hard-to-reach families with multi-complex needs. Whilst working and studying she also decided to work voluntarily in victim support.  Her aim was to gain experience and knowledge in understanding the client problems whilst having the opportunity of helping people who had been a victim of crime.


From there Marie knew where she wanted to go. She trained in victim support for women, including for victims of rape and other traumatic experiences, and began offering one to one counselling. Her journey began to unfold once she knew specifically what she wanted to do, who she wanted to become and how she would progress.  Marie continued to offer voluntary counselling sessions for the next three years.

Soon after, she broadened her career prospects and became a family practitioner. Through this work, Marie has continued to grow, studying new therapies and techniques. Studying has also given her the aspirations to develop and grow, pushing herself further with bigger challenges to get across that next milestone.

Marie is also an accredited Neuro Linguistic (NLP), Time Line and hypnosis practitioner with a postgraduate degree in CBT/ IAPT (Improving Accessing Psychological Therapy) with extensive experience working with children and young people. She has worked with victims of gang violence and support families in Accident and Emergency, acting as a point of contact between the family and the services, providing advice and practical support. Marie is also trained to treat the following conditions:- Click a psychological/behavioural problem below to learn more:


Marie is passionate about helping people and about their general well-being. She will create a safe, open and non-judgemental space for you. Your treatment will take place in a comfortable therapy room at either of her private practice - Stratford, East London or Islington, and are strictly confidential. Alternatively, Marie can provide Skype, Zoom and telephone therapy or coaching if you prefer this treatment options. Why wait to take the next step to BreakFree...!


Marie's Qualifications, Training And Professional Bodies She Subscribes To Can Be Seen Below

CBT Training & CPD

Postgraduate Diploma in Child and Young Person IAPT Therapy

BSC Psychology Degree

CBT for Eating Disorder Training

Counselling Training & CPD

Certificate in Counselling

Coaching Training & CPD

NLP Diploma in Neuro Linguistic 

ABNLP accredited Neuro Linguistic Programme

ABNLP accredited NLP Coaching

Specialist Training & CPD

NEBS Management

Clinical Supervision Training

Child and Adolescent mental health Foundation

Child protection & Safeguading Advanced

Complex Trauma PTSD in Children Young People

Dealing with Crisis

Domestic Abuse

Restorartive Justice Training

Basic Violent Training

Appropriaate Adult Training

Retoragtive Justice Training

Supporting Female Victims of Rape and Sexual Assault

The impact of Parents with Mental Health and Safeguarding Children Training

Family Group Conference Co-ordinator training

TLTA accredited Time Line Therapy

ABH Hypnosis 

Professional Bodies

Neuro Linguistic (NLP)


Anti Social Personality Disorders
PTSD/Trauma Disorders
Child and Adolescent Disorders

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