Counselling focus on helping clients with emotional distress which stops them being able to function as well as they would like. Counselling can be short as six sessions or as long as three years and aim to get clients who are functioning below normal back to a normal level. Typically the types of problems that are suitable for counselling are bereavement, relationship difficulties, parenting problems, work related issues such as bullying and stress and a general unhappiness with life and family challenges.

How Can Counselling Help You?

Counselling is client-led and can:
  • Help people who have a problem/situation that they are finding increasingly difficult to handle or deal with.
  • Offer a listening, supporting and encouraging environment, which provides empathic understanding
  • Provide an opportunity for you to explore your issues at a deeper level and discover your own solutions
  • Help you to become more self aware
  • Help you to get in touch with your authentic feelings
  • Provide an opportunity for personal growth and development
  • Help you to develop a better understanding of yourself and others
  • Help you to put closure on your past and start to move forward
  • Help you deal with situations in the here and now
  • Encourage you to get in touch with your own beliefs and take responsibility for your own choices
  • Help you to overcome limiting thoughts, beliefs and behaviours that are stopping you from moving forward with your life or developing successful relationships

Most of our clients have started to look forward to a brighter future, happier in the knowledge that they are unique individuals capable of making their own decisions and choosing what's right for them.

Some people who have sought our help have gained greater insight into their problems by choosing to work with a cognitive model of therapy called 'Rational Emotive Behaviour Therapy'. REBT was developed by the late Albert Ellis back in 1955 and helps people to let go of destructive behaviour patterns and start to make some positive changes in their lives.

If you are still unsure whether counselling is right for you, then call us or take our CBT/DBT sceening which might help you decide. Why wait till you have reached 'breaking point' or have started to suffer ill health?


What Our Clients Say

We Are Here To Listen And Help You Find Your Way.

We offer face to face and Virtual Therapy and Coaching via Zoom, Microsoft teams & Telephone.

Please do not hesitate to contact us for an informal chat and then You can decide which of the services we provide will help you to make some positive changes in your life:-
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