Bradley is trained in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT/REBT/SST/OAAT), Dialectical Behavioural Therapy (DBT), Trauma Treatments, Working with Personality Disorders (PD) and Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD/EUPD) and Cognitive Behaviour Coaching (CBC). He has enhanced DBS clearance. As a CBT/DBT/Trauma Psychotherapist and Life Coach, he is registered with various professional Governing bodies for coaching, counselling and psychotherapy. Bradley works within strict guidelines and adhere to ethical codes and best practice. He continually upskill himself within the Mental Health and Offending Management professions, by undertaking regular clinical supervision and engage in relevant Continuous Professional Development (CPD) training. Currently, Bradley is pursuing a Diploma in Diversity, Cultural Competence, Race & Anti-Discrimination Practice. His areas of specialism are assessment and treatment of clients who present with both primary and secondary Psychological Disorders including Neurodevelopment Disorders. Bradley has treated persons with Borderline Personality Disorders (BPD/EUPD), Anti-Social Personality Disorders (ASPD), Offending Behavioural (OB) problems, Alcohol/Substance Use Disorders (ASD/SUD), Phobias, Trauma Disorders, PTSD, Addictions, Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), Aspergers, ADHD and Learning Difficulties. He is clinically trained to administer both ASD and ADHD assessments (ADOS2/QB Check/Test) to children, adolescents and adults. In addition, Bradley is experienced in treating clients with the following psychological and behavioural disorders:


Bradley is passionate about helping people and about their general well-being. He will create a safe, open and non-judgemental space for you. Your treatment will take place in a comfortable therapy room at one of our private practices and will be strictly confidential. Alternatively, he can provide virtual therapy via Zoom, Microsoft Teams and telephone therapy or coaching if you prefer any of these treatment options.    Why wait to take the next step to BreakFree...!


Qualifications, Training And Professional Bodies Bradley Subscribes To Can Be Seen Below

CBT & Counselling Training

Advanced Diploma in Integrative Cognitive Behavioural Therapy CBT/REBT: Accredited by the National Counselling Society 

Advanced Diploma in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy CBT/REBT: Accredited by the National Counselling Society

Diploma in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy CBT/REBT: Accredited by the National Counselling Society

BPS Certificate in Third Wave CBT: Approved by the British Psychological Society 

CPD Certificate in Single Session and One-At-A-Time Therapy: Approved by the National Counselling Society

BPS Certificate in Cognitive Behaviour Therapy for Children and Adolescents: Approved by the British Psychological Society

BPS Certificate in CBT Child & Adolescent Disorder (CPD) Approved by the National Counselling Society

Certificate in Counselling: CCBT

Primary Certificate in Problem-Focused Counselling, Coaching & Training: Approved by the British Psychological Society

Certificate in Mental Wellbeing in Children and Young People: New Skills Academy


Training & CPD

Infection Prevention Control Level 2

Anaphylaxis Access to Adrenaline

Anaphylaxis No Access to Adrenaline

Safeguarding Children 

Safeguarding Adults

Mental Health Act 2007

Mental Capacity Act 2005

Equality, Diversity and Human Rights

Moving and Handling Level 2

Complaints Handling

Conflict Resolution

Duty of Care in Health and Social Care

Resuscitation: Adult Basic Life Support (BLS) inc safe use of AED

Promoting Person-Centered Care in Health and Social Care

Privacy and Dignity in Health and Social Care

General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

Information Governance, Record Keeping and Caldicott Protocols

Equality, Diversity and Human Rights

Health Safety and Welfare

Duty of Care in Health and Social Care


Coaching Training 

Certificate in Cognitive Behavioural Coaching: Approved by the British Psychological Society

Primary Certificate in Health Coaching: Approved by the British Psychological Society

Interview Skills & CV Writing Certificate: New Skills Academy

Specialist Training 

Certificate in Personality Disorder: Accredited by National Offenders Management Service - NOMS 
BPS Certificate in Dialectical Behaviour Therapy (DBT Accred.): Approved by the British Psychological Society 
BPS Certificate in Trauma Treatments: Approved by the British Psychological Society 

Certificate in Somatic Approaches to Healing Trauma: Somatopia

ADHD Diploma

Quantitative Behavioural (Qb)Test Certificate for ADHD: Approved by QB Tech

Certificate in Autism Diagnostic Observation Schedule - 2 (ADOS-2) - Clinical Reliability: UCL

BPS Certificate in CBT and Counselling with Autism Spectrum Disorder Clients                                 
Certificate: Treatment that Changes Lives: Evolution Of Applied Behaviour Analysis (ABA): Autism Partnership

Certificate in Autism Advocacy

Diploma in Autism Awareness

Diploma in Drug and Alcohol Awareness

Diploma in Youth and Informal Education

Certificate in Effective Practice in Youth Justice

Professional Graduate Diploma (BSC Degree) in Information Technology: - Chartered Institute for IT - BCS

Professional Bodies

National Counselling and Psychotherapy Society - NCPS
Association for Coaching - AC
International Society for Coaching Psychology - ISCP
Black African Asian Therapy Network - BAATN
British Computer Society  - Chartered Institute for IT - BCS


Borderline Personality Disorders
Anti Social Personality Disorders
Offending Behaviour
Substance Use Disorder
Alcohol Use Disorder
PTSD/Trauma Disorders
Phobias/Pain Distraction
Positive Behavioural Support (ASD / ADHD / PDA / ODD)
Child, Adolescent and Adult Assessment (ASD / ADHD / PDA / ODD)


What Our Clients Say

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Useful Information

Childline / NSPCC
Talk to Childline on 08001111 or NSPCC on 0808 8000 5000 if you're worried about a child or would like information about how to report a child at risk of abuse. You can contact the helplines above 24/7. Don't turn a blind eye to child abuse. Visit: or to learn more about child abuse and how you can safeguard children at risk.

Alcohol Anonymous - For confidential Alcohol Advice
AA is concerned solely with the personal recovery and continued sobriety of individual alcoholics who turn to the Fellowship for help. Alcoholics Anonymous does not engage in the fields of alcoholism research, medical or psychiatric treatment, education, or advocacy in any form, although members may participate in such activities as individuals. Visit: to learn more.

Substance Misuse & Support - Turning Point
is a social enterprise, providing specialist and integrated services which focus on improving lives and communities across mental health, learning disability, substance misuse, primary care, criminal justice system and employment. Visit: to learn more.

offer a safe place for you to talk any time you like, in your own way – about whatever’s getting to you. A little small talk can be all it takes to interrupt someone’s suicidal thoughts and help start them on a journey to recovery. If you think that someone might need help, trust your instincts and strike up a conversation or visit: to reach out for help.

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